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What have we created!

One of the best things about doing animation is the ability to give life to characters. What one day is a doodle in a sketchpad can quickly become a character that can think, act and feel, and that ability to … Read more ⇒

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Dreamworks’ Megamind Film Review

Regular readers of this blog will know that our film reviews are sporadic at best. Basically a film has to be either really good, or really really bad to move us to write a blog (or sometimes it’s just a … Read more ⇒

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New Studio mascot!

There’s nothing quite like having happy customers. There’s that warm glow of satisfaction when you think about the project, there’s the testimonials to show off to the world and then occasionally, there’s the PRESENTS! We finished Vicky’s Vintage Gifts a … Read more ⇒

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Bert and Ernie To Marry?

Well, no. They’re not getting married, despite a petition from thousands of facebook users with far too much time on their hands. The organisers of the petition asked producers PBS to allow the pair (who have shared a bedroom but … Read more ⇒

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Flash Animation For P4D Charity Application

We enjoyed working with P4D on their viral web animation so much, that we jumped right back in at the deep end when they asked us to create a little flash animation to show how the money that they’re raising … Read more ⇒

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How to choose the right colour for your website

When we design a website, picking a colour scheme isn’t the first thing that we do. First of all we work out the purpose, content and functionality of the site. We analyse what visitors are looking for when they first … Read more ⇒

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