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Dark Blues – a divided website

The Dark Blues have a problem. There are two distinct sides to their business, but both have to be represented equally on their website. They attract different audiences, but have to be clearly linked visually. One side is a 6 … Read more ⇒

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Happy Halloween Bert and Ernie!

I know that my continuous posting about The Muppets is really stretching the definition of ‘animation related topics’ but it’s Halloween, and I felt more people needed to see these fantastic Bert and Ernie pumpkins. (The yellow one probably isn’t a … Read more ⇒

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Animation Studio in London Colney

For various reasons, certain cities around the UK have become little hubs of animation. Bristol is the most obvious perhaps, with other studios basking in the glow of Aardman’s many Oscars and worldwide reputation. Manchester was once a hub too … Read more ⇒

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Animated ecards

We love Christmas here at Slurpy. Which is a good thing really, because while most people are grumbling under their breath at the shops stocking chocolate Santas from early September, we’ve already made 3 animated ecards. Lots of businesses are … Read more ⇒

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