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Today’s Guest Blog is done by the very lovely Sian Hornby, owner of Elysian Weddings and Events. Sian is not only supremely talented at planning other people’s weddings (a very hazardous occupation in my opinion), she also makes better fruit tarts than anybody else of my acquaintance.

Blogs have become a favorite of the social media gurus out there, who advocate that everyone has one regardless of whether or not they have the time or inclination to keep it up. A badly written, infrequent or empty blog forms a far worse impression than no blog at all of course, but people (often having just returned from a meeting with these gurus) often insist upon having one regardless.

It’s wonderful therefore to be able to introduce Sian, who took to the blog we made her like a duck to a particularly inviting bit of water. Here’s what she has to say…

My one piece of advice to anyone setting up as a supplier to the wedding and events industry: Get yourself a blog! I cannot stress how important it is to me and my business as a wedding planner. When I first started up, I was cynical about the power of a good blog. I never read blogs. How could having my own help my business?! However, I was advised to write one so I obeyed and I am so glad I did!

The sorts of people who hire an events planner are people who don’t have a lot of free time to spend searching out suppliers and coming up with lots of different ideas. However, nearly all brides to be, for example, will at some point, browse the internet looking for inspiration and that’s where the blog comes in. If, for example, sunflowers were their favourite flowers, they might search for “wedding ideas sunflowers” or something similar. Most of the pages which appear at the top of a search like that are blogs written by wedding professionals. Brides to be won’t accidentally stumble across the home page of my website (they’d have to actually looking for a wedding planner in East Anglia), but they might randomly chance upon my blog article about sunflowers! It’s a great way of getting potential clients onto your site.

My blog also offers clients an insight into the ideas and suggestions I might have for their own event. The events planning world is a highly creative industry and blogs are a fantastic way of showcasing your previous work and ideas for the future.

As any SEO company will tell you, the more traffic you get on your website, the longer they stay and the more pages they look at; the higher your Google rating. Blogs are a great way of increasing those statistics. On the days when I submit a post to my blog, the traffic on my site can increase ten-fold (and more)! An interesting article, teamed with a gentle push about the new post on Twitter, Facebook and the like, can bring people flocking to your site.

In the wedding industry, blogs are the online equivalent of all those glossy wedding magazines you see on the newsagents’ shelves , but reading a blog is free! A well written, interesting blog can pull in thousands and thousands of readers. It is the most effective form of marketing I have for my business and it doesn’t cost me anything other than a bit of time each week writing up posts. What’s not to love?!

Obviously I look at the power of blogging from the perspective of someone working in the wedding and events industry. However, all the above would apply to anyone working in any creative profession.

Sian Hornby is the Director of Elysian Weddings & Events. You can find her very own blog at

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