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We love Christmas here at Slurpy. Which is a good thing really, because while most people are grumbling under their breath at the shops stocking chocolate Santas from early September, we’ve already made 3 animated ecards.

Lots of businesses are turning to ecards these days. They’re more individual, less time consuming and more ecologically friendly (saving paper is a rare achievement in animation, so we like to brag about it when we get the opportunity)

Thought I’d get the last few Scrooges who haven’t yet embraced the fact that Christmas is fast approaching in the festive spirit with a few of last years animated e-cards…

[iframe src=’’ width=’500′ height=’315′ frameborder=’0′>]

A Christmas ecard for The Operators, who wanted to demonstrate their personality, style and sense of humour in their card.

[iframe src=”” width=”580″ height=”355″ frameborder=”0″]

A Christmas card made for Haulage Company Lambert Bros. We’ve been to their offices down in Southampton, and can verify that it really does look like this!

[iframe src=’’ width=’500′ height=’315′ frameborder=’0′>]

This is a selection of animated ecards, made for a variety of Clients to send their friends, customers, suppliers and workers.

[iframe src=’’  width=”500″ height=”320″ frameborder=”0″ ]

This video gives what can only be described as a fascinating insight in to how the magic happens! A greatly sped up (about 3,500%) screen capture of the creation of our very own static Christmas card.

And, just to show I wasn’t kidding about animators using a lot of paper, this is a 3 minute film…


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