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Animated Flash Games for MyMustard’s Character “Bit”

We don’t make that many Flash games here at Slurpy – mostly because we find that when we do we waste huge amounts of time playing them to make sure that they work – but we could hardly turn down the chance to play around with a character as downright weird as MyMustard‘s ‘Bit.’

Half monkey, half rabbit is probably how you’d best describe him – either way, it adds up to a character that’s a lot of fun to animate but that you probably wouldn’t want to meet down a dark alleyway!

So we’ve made them a classic tile game, complete with animations of Bit when he’s bored because you’re taking too long, and ecstatically happy because you’ve finally solved it. And the very best part is, every time someone completes it, the lovely ladies of My Mustard will donate money to EB Trust – a charity that helps Nepalese children who have been trafficked or displaced into India, many who were sold into Indian circuses & forced to work as performers. They offer refuge, rehabilitation & education.

This is what June Cory, MD of My Mustard and all round lovely person had to say about the experience of bringing her beloved character to life:

“Thinking someone is good at what they do is very different to experiencing it. Team Mustard has a team member called Bit, he tells jokes on Twitter & Facebook when he’s not doing VAT returns and sharpening pencils. Recently we decided that he needed to get out more and needed some legs. Literally. Enter stage right the uber smart, fiendishly enthusiastic and hugely talented Katie Steed. Superlatives aside, she really did a great job bringing Bit to live in 2d and then in 3d. It was a very collaborative process and Katie’s skill, patience and passion was evident throughout – I really got a kick out of working with her. If you want to see what I’m making all the fuss about check out Bit’s game on the My Mustard site. And tell the world, if you need some life, action and fun injected into your brand, look no further. It’s official, Katie Steed is awesome”

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