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Bedfordshire Uni Animation Graduates

We’ve been to the Bedfordshire Uni Animation Degree show for the last couple of years, and have really enjoyed watching this still young degree blossom in to the fantastic animator production house that it has become. Under the very lovely Mark Collington, this course has created some very talented young animators who have made some great short films.

This years lot of graduates once again raised the bar, and we feel a particular affinity for them because we were able to spend a bit of time with them at the pre-production phase. It’s always fun to see students in March; they’re normally just starting to panic that the half mooted ideas and sketchbook art art that they’ve been creating for the past 4 months are going to have to come together in to a film at some point. When we did the crit, we saw some stunning art work – these students have clearly mastered Photoshop – and a lot of good ideas hidden beneath slightly more obvious ones.

So it was a great feeling to sit down yesterday with a big tub of popcorn and watch our way through this years showreel. The industry may not be in the best of states at the moment (infact I read recently that there are as many jobs in the entire industry as there were graduating students this year) but I’m confident that a high percentage of these students will find their place within it.

Our favourite film of the bunch is the beautiful and very powerful ‘One Man Torpedo’ by the highly talented Vasil Yonchev:

[iframe width=”560″ height=”345″ src=”” frameborder=”0″]

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