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Bright & Colourful Websites – Safe and Sound Playgrounds

Ever think that the web is a boring, colourless and over saturated place filled with boring websites for boring people made by boring people? Well then our new website for Safe and Sound Playgrounds is what you’ve been waiting for!

Using every colour of the rainbow (and that’s just the navigation) this ecommerce website is bright, bold and fun. The brief was to find a way of appealing to the child within the adult – creating a website that adults would instinctively know that kids will love as much as they love the products themselves.

We’ve gone for a large and appealing photo-montage header so that the viewer knows immediately what the site is about. Directly underneath is the unmissable rainbow navigation – it needed to be easy to use and cater to any type of visitor while fitting in perfectly with the fun and funky design.

Content is, of course, ‘king’ (some people will do anything for a bit of alliteration) and the content area of this site continues the sunglasses inducing colours and themes. We chose to break the products up in to boxes to clearly differentiate between them, which allowed us to get huge amounts of information on to the page without it looking busy. The user’s journey through the site is clearly signposted and easy to understand. Calls to action are abundant and obvious throughout the site.

The result is website that manages to find the fine line between information, user experience and design. And the SEO is pretty darned good too!

View: Safe and Sound Playgrounds

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