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Buy the Pink Panther-mobile

Just last week we notified you of the fantastic opportunity to own Walt Disney’s actual house, and this week something nearly as cool and considerably more pink has come up. You can now own and drive around in your very own, original Pink Panther-mobile!

pink panther mobile

I know what you’re thinking – how can it be original when the series was animated; it appears you’ve finally lost all concept of the line between reality and cartoons? Well… that may be, but this car was actually designed by Jay Ohrberg for a live action title sequence when The Pink Panther aired on NBC’s Saturday Morning in 1969.

I always loved the Pink Panther when I was young. The theme song alone can always pick me up when I’m feeling blue, and it’s always made me wish I’d been alive during the sixties when animation was given decent production time and budgets and you could get away with almost anything! This car may look a little ostentatious parked down next to my flat in Harpenden, but I sure am tempted to crack open my piggy bank to see if I have enough pennies for it!

(I don’t)

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