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Bedfordshire Uni Animation Graduates

We’ve been to the Bedfordshire Uni Animation Degree show for the last couple of years, and have really enjoyed watching this still young degree blossom in to the fantastic animator production house that it has become. Under the very lovely … Read more ⇒

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Farnham Animation – A Lesson in Search Engine Optimisation

I got an email from one of the lecturers at my old University the other day, asking me for advice to optimise their brand spanking new website for search engines. We get asked for this advice all the time from … Read more ⇒

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Farnham Animation Degree Show

Well, if any event is going to make you feel both nostalgic and nauseous at the same time, it’s going to be the graduation show from your old University.  Nostalgic for a time when your main concern was your costume … Read more ⇒

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