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Coding a website – lets hear it for the geeks

The great thing about being a web designer is that your work is seen (and hopefully loved) by lots and lots of people worldwide, and those people often make nice cooing noises which make you feel warm and slightly gooey inside.

The problem with being a web developer is that your work is used by lots and lots of people worldwide, who barely notice it. People expect websites to work, and are rarely impressed by even the funkiest and trickiest bits of functionality that take some poor developer countless hours staring at what appears to be meaningless code, looking for the one semi-colon that’s conflicting and stopping the whole darned thing from working.

So while designers enjoy their moments in the sunshine, feeling the warm glow of satisfaction that their work is being admired and praised around the world, lets spend a moment giving credit to the person who made it all work. In other words, lets hear it for the geeks!

We’ve just finished Asset Resourcing‘s website; a straightforward, clean and simple design with a pretty complicated back end with lots of functionality that enhances the experience of both the user and the owner. They’re a recruitment agency based in Hertfordshire, and they needed their website to be brought in to the 21st Century.

website development codeBy automating and streamlining several of their processes, their website will not only make a better impression on their Clients, it will also save them considerable amounts of time, effort and stress. There’s the new ability to register a vacancy or apply for a job online, and the site makes it easy for visitors to find their perfect job in seconds. It’s also completely  integrated with Twitter and Facebook feeds, allowing them to reach a much larger audience with their jobs.

Here’s what the Managing Director had to say about Aaron Wood, who coded the site:

“I hired Slurpy to overhaul our website. We were probably not the easiest client to work for – unsure of what we wanted from the outset and adding to the brief throughout – but from the initial meeting to “go live” Aaron was the consumate professional. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and would recommend his services to anyone wanting to pack a creative punch to their online presence”

website development

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