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Come On… it’s P4D!

We’ve created and animated lots and lots of characters over the years, each with a different personality and purpose. One of our favourites over this time, despite the fact that he’s probably the simplest character that we’ve ever created, is the P4D superhero (known as Bob to his friends).

Since we finished the film (explaining P4D’s parcel delivery business model in 60 fairly frantic seconds), the character has taken off in more ways than one! He’s been seen everywhere from everything from free pens to the BBC news to man sized costumes at trade fairs and goodness knows what else!

And seeing as how they’ve taken such good care of Bob, and because they’re a great company anyway, we were really excited to create a new illustration for them when they asked.

P4D Managing Director and serial entrepreneur Stephen Abel is “sharing the trials and tribulations of an ambitious rise to the top amidst tales of wheeler-dealering in washing machines and fridge freezers, being a horse racing tipster, running a property portfolio, and selling mini motos before finally building one of the most successful reseller businesses in the parcel delivery industry and becoming an inspirational speaker.” He needed an illustration to represent his attitude and message, to display behind him when he talks.

We went for bright colours and a pop art style to convey Steve’s ‘come on’ attitude and inspirational story, with items from his past scattered beneath him and Steve himself the focal point with his exhilarated ‘power move.’ And of course, as Steve really is the superhero behind P4D, he appears in character on top of a pile of the packages that have made him an inspirational success story.

pop art illustration

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