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Dark Blues – a divided website

The Dark Blues have a problem. There are two distinct sides to their business, but both have to be represented equally on their website. They attract different audiences, but have to be clearly linked visually.

One side is a 6 piece party band, which plays weddings and corporate events for people you just might have heard of like the Queen and the NSPCC.

The other side is an events management company that organises entertainment, features and just about everything else, with their own fairly impressive Client list including BT and British Airways.

So, two websites in one. United, yet divided. How did we do it?

We came up with a distinctive colour scheme to represent the two sides of the business; blue for the band, and pink for the management company. We then designed the same site twice, each version having the same layout, navigation and aesthetic, but using the different colours.

This has clearly defined the two sides as separate, making it clear to the visitor which side they are in at all times, whilst giving the entire site a strong continuity.

We used the homepage to divide visitors up, using the two colours to represent the options from the beginning. It was also important for the Client that the visitor can easily go between the two sides without going back to the homepage, so we again used the distinctive colours to stand out on the opposite sides page as a way to link to the relevant side.

split divided website

colourful website

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