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Dee Clayton; Presenter, author, trainer of monkeys

We don’t do a huge amount of illustration work here at Slurpy – why create a single image when you can spend your evenings and weekends creating thousands of practically identical, but ever so subtly different ones?

But when Dee Clayton (of asked us to illustrate her new book about the training of public speaking monkeys, we leapt at the chance to really concentrate on creating that one perfect image to tell Dee’s story.

an illustration for Dee Claytons book 'taming your public speaking monkeys'The idea behind the book is that every person has ‘inner monkeys’ who torment us with negative comments and doubts when we’re feeling nervous about giving a speech or presentation. Dee teaches people to tame those monkeys, to ignore them or to harness them in to a positive experience. In a single image, the illustrations needed to explain this concept as quickly as possible, while being familiar to the viewer and create feelings of empathy, understanding and “oh my goodness that’s exactly how I feel.”

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