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Educational Animation – Hangova

Now for the second of our two films for The Hangova. The first was a purely promotional piece, designed be exciting and compelling without delivering a huge amount of information because it’s purpose is to draw people on to the website. The second film is for the website itself, designed to explain the process and benefits of using the service.

Web designers and developers the world over will tell you that you only have a matter of seconds to hook a new visitor to your site, and that nothing is as off-putting as a whole bunch of text covering up your homepage.

This is especially problematic for a new and innovative business like The Hangova, who make bespoke booklets for hen parties, stag dos and sports tours. It’s a new idea that most people wont have heard of before, so how do they educate their visitors as to who might benefit from their product, why it’s such a great thing and how it all works without scaring them off with an essay?

The answer (as I expect you’ve guessed by now) is a video. They’re short, they’re fun to watch and they can explain your business more concisely and compellingly than any amount of text ever could.


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