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Farnham Animation – A Lesson in Search Engine Optimisation

I got an email from one of the lecturers at my old University the other day, asking me for advice to optimise their brand spanking new website for search engines. We get asked for this advice all the time from friends and family, and my main piece of advice will always be: get people linking to your site.

Google sees a link as a recommendation; someone else thinks that your site is a particularly relevant resource containing useful and up to date information, and they will reward you for that.

And it’s not only the amount of links that you have that Google takes in to consideration, it’s also the text that people use as the link text. So a link saying ‘best animation degree’ will be much more valuable to them than one saying ‘click here’ because it contains their keywords.

The location of the links is important too. The all seeing, all knowing Google is aware of the site that the link is on, how reputable that site is, how many other links are on the page, where on the page it features, what the page is talking about, how many people the site has, how many people click that link… scary huh!

Link building is by no means the be-all and end-all of search engine optimisation, but it is a great place to start.

So here you go Lesley, this should get you started:

Farnham animation degree UK

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