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Flash Animation For P4D Charity Application

We enjoyed working with P4D on their viral web animation so much, that we jumped right back in at the deep end when they asked us to create a little flash animation to show how the money that they’re raising for good causes is being spent.

Not only is P4D a fantastic company (with astounding savings if you’re sending parcels – seriously, check them out. We don’t send that many parcels, but I’m still bitter against the Post Office for all the times I could’ve got it for a fraction of the price with these guys) with lovely people behind it, they’re doing all they can to raise money for two fantastic causes, by offering their customers the opportunity of ’rounding up the pound’ on their orders or offsetting their carbon footprint. So not only to these great charities benefit, people are also weighed down less by annoying change rattling around the bottom of their handbags, and feel less guilty about the planes, trains, lorries and vans that it takes to deliver their parcels. It’s win-win!

P4D are changing the charities they support every 3 months to make sure that as many people as possible benefit, so send in your suggestions here:

charity animation

These little Flash applications read the information from a database, and displays both the amount and percentage of the image accordingly. Just a little project, but lots of fun to do and a good feeling when great charities benefit at the end of the day.

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