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Hertfordshire Business Roadshow

Andy LapotaI’ve just got back from the Hertfordshire Business Roadshow, and I’m both exhausted and exhilarated by the full day of networking, learning and talking about my business.

Run by the same lovely people who put on the Herts Business Expo a few months ago, this one was a more intimate experience, but no less informative or productive. The day began with a talk from Andy “Mr Network” Lopata, who is an engaging, knowledgeable and passionate speaker who gave a great talk about his wealth of experience of the networking world. I found it quite hilarious when, having spent the morning listening to him talk of how incredibly counter productive it was to simply present people with your business card and walk off, someone actually did it to me in the afternoon!

Then we broke the ice quite convincingly with a bout of speed networking. I’ve always enjoyed speed networking – you get to hear a bit about what everyone does without the rigid structure and impersonal formality of the 60 seconds – and tend to get a lot out of it. Today was no exception, and I was able to meet several people that I would genuinely like to do business with in the future and would most likely never have met had I not attended.

And the afternoon was possibly the most useful part of all. I’ve done the Business Club’s Mastermind sessions before, where the table discusses the challenges, opportunities and requirements of each business in turn and tries to help and offer advice and relevant contacts where possible. But somehow I found this one more useful than I ever have before – perhaps it was simply the people around the table, but I think it was because I found myself freed up by the fact that I had no existing relationship with most of the people around the table and so found it easier to talk to them.

Whatever it was, I found the whole day to be an enlightening and rewarding experience and highly recommend it to any local businesses who wants to spend a day moving their business onwards and upwards.

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