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A Short History of CGI Characters in Movies

Over the course of my short, but fairly eventful life, the use of computer generated characters in movies has… progressed somewhat. When I was 7, Terminator 2 blew my mind. When I was 9, Jurassic Park had me hiding behind my Dad on the sofa. And when I was 25, Avatar showed me what the future of cinema was going to be.

This short film, created by ‘Professor Inrdshelby, shows that progression, looking first at the stop motion films of Ray Harryhausen and moving through the years of Young Sherlock Holmes, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. There are some stunning creations in there, and the characters and personalities captured on screen are a true testament both to the animator and the actors arts.

Although it’s not showing anything revolutionary or offering any great insight, it’s wonderful to watch the history of the CG character in one 20 minute burst and to understand how films that were such an important part of my own history, were also a huge part of the history of animation

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