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How to choose the right colour for your website

When we design a website, picking a colour scheme isn’t the first thing that we do. First of all we work out the purpose, content and functionality of the site. We analyse what visitors are looking for when they first land on the site, and juggle that with what the site owner wants to show them.

We plot, we plan, we wireframe, we argue, we wireframe again and argue some more. But eventually, we come up with a solid structure that the website sits on, and then, and only then, we crack open Photoshop. By this time, a colour scheme has normally unconsciously presented itself to us. Somewhere in the back of our minds, we realise that we already know enough about the site and the owner to give it the right colours.

Because colours are important. If someone views your site from across a crowded room, they should still be able get an impression of what the site is about and the personality it’s giving off. We’ve created sites in all sorts of different colours (and some sites in literally all colours) to reflect the different personalities of our Clients and their businesses.

And the thing that we find particularly fascinating, is that different people around the world will think different things when they see these colours. Here in sunny old England, we see blue as a calming colour, denoting cleanliness and purity, but in Japan it represents villany – not the colour you’d want to have on a bank website at all! (Not if you were trying to help the bank anyway…)

I came across this little chart today, and thought I’d share it with you. I find it really interesting to imagine how people in different countries will receive different impressions of a website based on the emotions that they associate with the colours you use.

choosing the right colour for your website

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