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Minimalist Web Design for Jon Bell Fitness

It’s always good when you’re designing a website, to have a clear and consistent brief from a Client who knows exactly what they want to be portrayed online. That’s what we were given from Jon Bell. He wanted his new website to be clean, fresh and minimalist, but behind that clean and simple design, he wanted a solid structure and the right functionality to make using the site both easy and pleasurable.

We set about this design with one simple idea: to visualise the healthy lifestyle that Jon advocates. The site looks and feels healthy, well looked after, wholesome and with every element designed to both look fantastic and make the user enjoy their experience. It makes you feel like a better person just looking at it :)

The minimalist design belies the large amount of content and copy within the site, utilizing scrolling text, colour blocks and an intuitive navigation structure to ensure that the visitor knows instinctively where to go to access the information they require.

It certainly makes me want to lose a few pounds (seriously – you try staring at all those toned, beautiful people for as long as it takes to build a website and try not to feel a surge of guilt when you reach for your seventh Snickers).

Jon Bell Fitness Design

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