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Promotional Animation – Hangova

One of the things that we pride ourselves on here at Slurpy Studios, is that we don’t have a house style. We design a style from scratch for each film that fits the message it needs to convey, so each of our films is completely unique.

animation stylesThe two films that we’ve just finished for The Hangova are no exception to this rule, infact as well as being completely different to all of our other films, these two are also completely different to one another.

The boys at The Hangova (a company that helps the organisers of hen parties and stag do’s out by creating and personalising party booklets) wanted two completely different films – one to promote their company around the web, and the other to explain their unique product on their own website).

The promotional film was a very enjoyable challenge for us, because we chose a technique of combining live action (ie real) heads composited on animated bodies. We chose this style because it was a great way of associating the audience immediately with the characters as real people, while still allowing the fun, movement and life that we can get out of animated characters.

The geek bit: The heads were shot against a green screen and cut out in Photoshop (the curly hair of one of the actresses made that a particularly enjoyable day!).

The bodies were created using a multitude of textures in Photoshop, we made several turnarounds for the bodies but were able to get away with just one set of the limbs. We animated mostly in After Effects, using copious amounts of the puppet tool!

(Educational Animation can be found here )

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