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Retro, Vintage Social Networking Posters at the Studio

For the past year or so, I have been searching for some Disney posters that I’ve completely convinced myself I saw once upon a time. I’ve searched high and low, and have even sent a friend who works in Walt Disney World Florida on the hunt for me. Over the course of about a year (because my mind moves at a lightning fast speed), I’ve come to finally accept that they might not actually exist…

So we started the hunt for some new posters to go in the studio. It’s not that easy decorating an animation and web design studio – we wanted it to reflect our personalities and interests, show both our creative and our business sides, and be a fun and funky place to hang out… try finding all of that in a poster!

But we’ve finally found some that we absolutely love. They’re by Sao Paulo based ad agency Moma, and they are 50s style adverts of some of the biggest names in social media; Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Skype. With the message “everything ages fast” the latest social networking internet sensations have been depicted as the “next big thing” of the past showing how quickly fad technology can become outdated.

They suit our studio perfectly – they reflect our love of the 50s and vintage style designs, they’re great fun, clever and witty, and they look great. We even managed (after an inordinate amount of time spent on ebay) to get red frames to match our colours.

Social Media Postser MOMA


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