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Submitting Your Website To Design Blogs

I mentioned in my last post that our new website has been listed in over 100 design reviews and blogs. Since then I’ve had several requests for a list of these design blogs so that other proud web designers can submit their sites for review.

Getting another site to mention your site is valuable in 4 ways:

  • People search design blogs for inspiration and will see your site, dramatically increasing your visibility
  • People will be able to comment and review your site, with the possibility of winning prizes and awards
  • Other sites linking to your site makes Google and other search engines think very highly of you and put you higher up the search rankings.
  • Submitting to a few of these design blogs can create a snowball effect; when other blog writers browse these sites for inspiration, they often repost your site on their own blog and increase your audience in that way. For example, we received hundreds of hits from the influential blog TemplateMonster ‘101 Awesome website portflios’ although we didn’t submit the site to them.

So here is a list of some (143) of the sites which collect inspirational or beautifully designed websites that you can submit to:

CSS Elite
CSS Import
CSS Website
Urban Trash
CSS Beauty
Best CSS Gallery
CSS Zone
Divine CSS
CSS Envy
CSS 20
CSS Based
Boxed CSS
CSS Reboot
Design flavr
Hot Webber
Inspiration King
We Love WP
CSS Blaze
Fantastic CSS
CSS Star
CSS Glance
Your Site Is Valid
CSS Loggia
CSS Leak
My 3 W
CSS Design Yorkshire
CSS Dance
Creamy CSS
The CSS Gallery List
CSS Imagine
Type Inspire
CSS Nature
CSS Style
CSS Website
CSS Based
Unmatched Style
Design Bombs
The Design Inspiration
Cart Frenzy
Minimal Exhibit
Folio Focus
CSS Perk
CSS Collections
CSS Freshblend
RGB Garden
CSS Burst
CSS Moon
Designer Source
CSS Cutie
Swell CSS
The Web Based
Best CSS Vault
CSS Luxury
CSS Line
CSS Flights
CSS Depot
CSS Cake
CSS Mania
CSS Down Under
Kreative Showcase
Nice Style Sheet
Website Gallery
CSS Orgy
CSS Scoop
CSS Pose
Dzine Mart
Add Design Link
Design Awards Gallery
101 Best Websites
Design Fridge
CSS Garden
Style Prone
Inspire Mix
Dot Design
CSS Cookie
Blog Design Lab
First Hand Web
RGB Land
Beautiful 2
For All To See
CSS Dsgn
We Love CSS
CSS Deluxe
CSS Dose
Gallery Buzz
CSS World
CSS Designs
Crazy Leaf Design
CSS Fury
Web Tava
Hot CSS Design
De Web Times
CSS Image Gallery
CSS Transmit
PVM Garage
Trendy Showcase
Design Wallet
Design Award
Avenue CSS
CSS Mania
CSS Daddy
CSS Collection
Web Creme
Best Web Gallery
CSS Beauty
CSS Drive
Selected Web Design
CSS Built
BM Access
CSS Brigit
WP Float
CSS Dance
CSS Clip
CSS Count
CSS Impress
CSS Chest
CSS Showcase
CSS Wrap
SEF Web Gallery
Pixel Perfect Portfolios
CSS Breeze
Inspiration Up
WP Elites
Illustration Toolbox
Wordpress Directory


Apologies if there are any duplicates – it is quite a long list! If there are any others that I haven’t listed, please let me know and I’ll update it to include them. I checked them all, but if any of them stop working for any reason, please let me know that too so we can make this a useful resource for everyone

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3 Responses to Submitting Your Website To Design Blogs

  1. Stefan says:

    Thank you :)Best regards, Stefan /

  2. Css Gallery List says:

    I just launched my new website : It's a multiple css gallery submission tool where you can submit your web design to a lot of css galleries easily

  3. Aaron Wood and Katie Steed - says:

    Thanks for letting me know about the CSS gallery submission tool, but the link didn't work – said Database error.Cheers,Katie

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