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Glen Keane interview

There aren’t a lot of what you might consider ‘celebrity animators’ – certainly not many who would get mobbed in the street (unless that street happened to be right outside Comic Con perhaps). But to animators and other nerds of a similar … Read more ⇒

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Tangled – Disney’s back!

In all honesty I’ve been completely dreading Tangled. When it started production 8 years ago it was called Rapunzel and seemed like Disney were no longer ashamed of their fairy story roots. They had my favourite animator of all time … Read more ⇒

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Disney’s Rapunzel Concept Art

Rumours about Rapunzel have been circling the internet for many years now, and slowly the excitement inside me has been growing to a fever pitch that now threatens to explode at the merest mention of the film. Why am I … Read more ⇒

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