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Vintage, Retro Web Design for Vicky’s Vintage Gifts

I know that, as proud parents of many a website, we’re not really supposed to have favourite design styles. But one quick look at our website will lead to the suspicion that we might just possibly have a bit of a thing for vintage, retro, and particularly 50s style designs.

So when the eponymous Vicky of Vicky’s Vintage Gifts came to us and asked us to make a her a new ecommerce website, we gave a small whoop of glee and double clicked the Photoshop icon with joy in our hearts (this being how we get our kicks around here).

Vicky’s business has been a wonderful example of the power of social networking, and of Facebook in particular. From small beginnings in a spare bedroom, making owls in her spare time, Vicky’s business has grown to the numbers of  fans that many businesses  only dream of and employ absurdly expensive ‘specialists’ to obtain. Her secret? A great product and constant interaction with her fans.

This design is inspired by Vicky’s owls and other vintage creations. It has a textured look and feel, with a ‘stitching’ theme running throughout. Each of Vicky’s products are completely handmade, which is the feeling that we wanted to invoke through the site, as well as a longing for a romanticized past of Mothers and Daughters sewing together and ginger beer and all that sort of thing.

Favourite features of this site include:

  • The shopping basket, which looks great when empty, but even better when you put something in it
  • The navigation, which is on top of some of the fabric which is used in the Owls themselves, and also uses little icons to show users around
  • The sewing themed, custom made icons down the right hand side of the page – pretty fancy if we do say so ourselves!

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