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Viral Marketing Animation for P4D

Stressed out with the worry of trying to deliver a parcel worldwide? Confused by inane courier websites and disturbed by extortionate prices? Then have no fear, for the P4D superhero man is here to make everything easy and …blue

This is a short animation, telling the story of Bob the stickman (we call pretty much all our characters Bob) as he struggles to send his package (I always liked to think it was a knitting pattern for a sick Grandma, but I guess we’ll never know). Bob goes through the trials and tribulations associated with sending a package by courier, and has just about reached the end of his tether when BANG! In swoops the P4D superhero to save the day.

We had a lot of fun making this little animation. The characters are simple enough that they can be squashed and stretched in all directions, making for some good cartoony shapes. Normally we spend a lot of time making Clients understand that less is  more when it comes to web videos but that certainly wasn’t the case with this one! Quicker, quicker, quicker was the feedback – resulting in a film where if you linger over a blink, you’ll miss something!

Music and Sound effects by James Nutt

[iframe src=”″ width=”500″ height=”362″]

Here’s what Natalie Gilbert, who managed the project for P4D had to say about working with us (she says Katie because she’s the one who sends the emails, but as with everything in an animation studio, it was very much a team effort.)

“I can’t speak highly enough of Katie and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a talented and creative animator. Professional at all times, yet easy going and fantastic to work with, Katie is bursting with talent – creative, yet grounded, she’s completely switched on and able to take complicated ideas and transform them in to simple, clear messages. I am hugely impressed with both her work and her attitude.”

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