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Waterproofing Animations

Over the past few weeks we have been making a series of 6 short films, which explain some of the consequences of failing to properly waterproof a property at the designing and building stages.

And if you don’t know much about those consequences, let me tell you now that they’re pretty darned scary – over the course of these 6 films we’ve had characters being electrocuted, drowned, gassed, flooded and had a building fall on them. It’s a good thing we don’t get too attached to our characters!

The films were made in a classic style of animation, reminiscent of the UPA style from the 1940/1950s, with a strong colour pallet, wonky angles and characters designed in profile.

upa style animation for waterproofing animation

They were buy valium 2mg created for RIW (Remember cheap ambien no prescription It’s Waterproof), who make a wide variety of waterproofing products and advise architects and builders about the best tools and techniques for the job.

Of the 6 films, it’s hard to pick a favourite. Some were more technical, and had very specific information they had to give, and some were more warning stories that allowed us to run with a theme. This one belongs in the latter category, and we had a lot of fun with it. It explores the consequences of failing to properly waterproof a plant room.

With thanks to Lewis Cox for the Music and Steve Henderson for the ‘Archie Tekt’ and ‘Bill Derr’ puns

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