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Web animation for Barking Heads

We sure have been busy over here at Slurpy. It’s been a rollercoaster of a month, with deadlines, new projects and important meetings being hit with astounding regularity. Now that we’ve gained a few minutes to catch our breath, time to show you (our adoring public) some more of what we’ve been up to!

This is a short film, created for organic dog food Barking Heads. We’ve been working on their marketing for nearly a year now (gosh time flies!) and have made their characters into comic strips, cuddly toys and web stars. So it was finally time to bring their characters to life with a little animation, explaining how Barking Heads came to be.

Music is by the fantastically talented Lewis Cox. Enjoy!

[iframe src=”″ width=”500″ height=”400″]

Bailey, Gramps and Brambles were not feeling so good – they had no energy, their eyes were dull and their coats were all scraggly. Paul couldn’t work out what was wrong with them, but when he tries to feed them their dog food, they turned their noses up in disgust.

Suddenly, inspiration strikes! He throws away the old food and starts bringing together ingredients to make some new food. Gone are the preservatives and e-baddies, in go the chicken, lamb, vegetables, oils and oats.

The dogs catch a whiff of the amazing aroma that’s coming out of Paul’s cauldron. Their tiredness forgotten, they bound over to get a better look. Tails wagging, they can barely wait until Paul’s finished and they get to tuck in to some of the delicious, natural and completely organic food that he’s prepared just for them.

Next morning, and what a difference! All three dogs are energetic, happy and with soft shiny coats and wet noses.

‘Woof’, says Bailey, and they other two can’t help but agree with his great wisdom and ability to turn a phrase.

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